After Jupiter Gardens Press went belly up, I struggled with whether or not to do the self-publishing thing. Turns out, it was easier than I expected. I am excited to announce the launch of my first self-published book! I worked with the fabulous Anna Spies at EerilyFair to create a cover I truly love. Thanks, Anna! Now it’s time to share the love. I will be giving away 4 signed paperback copies of Into the Land of Snows using a random drawing (US residents only, since I have to mail them). The contest will run from today until noon Aug. 11 (next Thursday). Enter by leaving me a comment about something fun you did this summer.


About the book: Visionary Fiction 

Sixteen year old Blake travels to Base Camp on Mt. Everest to spend time with his physician father. When a deadly avalanche occurs, Dad is forced to rethink things and sends Blake away. Now accompanied by a Sherpa guide, and in possession of a mysterious camera, Blake undertakes a journey that will challenge everything he believes. In the magical Himalayas, he will be forever changed by what he experiences.

Available on Amazon:

ebook ($4.99):


“Well-written with engaging and believable characters, this story has it all: adventure, mystery, magic, and wisdom.” Naomi C. Rose

“Into the Land of Snows is a eminently readable YA novel that moves quickly and adeptly through many mystical twists and turns. A very fast and enjoyable read! I recommend it highly to YA audiences, but to adults as well.” Rea Nolan

“Into the Land of Snows takes the reader into a world so different, so beautifully challenging in its vision of life that the reader is drawn-in completely. So strong is the vision presented in this book it may even change the being within you.” Karin DeMer



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20 responses to “WIN A SIGNED BOOK!

  1. Thank you for the signed book. 🙂 I have begun reading it to my young son, and we both are enjoying it very much! You are an amazing writer and I hope to read some more of your work when I’m done with this book. Thanks again 🙂


  2. alessandro p

    we went to pizmo was awesome


  3. Hi Ellis,
    We finally made connections:) Sorry to hear about Jupiter Gardens. I had a book with them way back when….
    I’ve got you up at
    All the best.


  4. Hi Ellis, I didn’t realize Jupiter Gardens had went out of business. I had a book there back in the day.
    Got ya posted: Sorry we didn’t make connections sooner.


  5. Rahima Warren (FB): Went to a painting retreat & fled wildfire.


  6. This summer, I got back into the writing groove and rejuvenated my wordpress blog. Very excited as it seems to be picking up , inspiring me to keep on writing and sharing my work. 🙂


  7. I moved to a new state and have made lots of new friends. Every day is an adventure.


  8. Doward Wilson

    I enjoyed moving to a new home in Central Iowa the first of May. New library, new friends and new, more relaxed retirement lifestyle! Sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.


  9. Congratulations, Ellis on your new release! Into the Land of Snows sounds exciting!!!

    Best wishes!


  10. My Journey Out of Darkness

    I began a new blog about Spirituality!


  11. Marilyn

    I sorted through some of my old magazine collection. It was fun to see the difference between the older and the more modern versions.


  12. I moved to the beach in June, started my first book and today I learned all about glass fusing and made my first ever glass fusing project (a mirror)


  13. I wrote the first draft of my next book during July. Lot’s of fun. I also got to visit my new grandson in New York. And I turned 60.


  14. Amy L

    Well, I certainly wasn’t hiking on a snowy mountain–though, I’d love to read this book. I did get to spend a relaxing three days with my hubby away from our kids, reading, boating, biking and enjoying beer and wine. 🙂


  15. This summer was an adventure in Lyme! I got back into reading books, finally, after having had brain fog for many months during the winter and spring! It’s been a joy to actually sit down and read for over an hour at a clip instead of just ten minutes! I’ve read mysteries, books on essential oils, and nonfiction titles as well. I also visited a wonderful book sale in Southport, CT at the Pequot Library and bought a bag full of books for when I can’t get to the library in the winter due to weather. Happy Reading!


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