Chiron & the Healing Journey- M. Reinhart

Reincarnation Astrology

Alan Leo- Father of Modern Astrology

Yesterday’s Sky- S. Forrest

Evolutionary Astrology, spiritual evolution, reincarnation

An Astrological Look at the Pandemic

Gazing Skyward: History of Astrology

The Fated Sky- B. Bobrick

Interview with Mama Maga: Astrologer

Astrology & the Rising of Kundalini– BH Clow



Walking the Labyrinth

Poem: A Morning Offering– O’Donohue

Who are you?

Samhaim- What is it? (pagan holiday)

James Randi- (never a true skeptic)

Painted Rocks (community project)

Life in a Time of Covid

Ellis shares her Covid journal

Gratitude Reminders– gratitude practice


Jung, consciousness, spiritual path

Synchronicity (again!)

The Curious Case of Francis Schlatter (healer)

19th cent., healer, healing methods, mystery

Welcome back, Francis

St. Francis of Assisi, history, miracles, animals

Satan Takes a Convent

The Incident at Watseka

19th cent., possession, walk-ins, trance states, consciousness

The 1st Time Reindeer Flew

history, culture, shamanic, mushrooms

Chakras & Spiritual Growth

Meditation Fundamentals Spiritual Schools Get Wrong

shared link from Khefer Haru

A Resonate Thanksgiving

Covid Thanksgiving & past suffering

Where to now, St. Peter?


Poem by Fr. Richard Hendrick, OFM

Buddhism & Quantum Physics (video)

Christmas Blog- A Reflection

Spiritual Awakening: Kundalini

Newton as Alchemist

When Dee met Kelley

John Dee, alchemy, Elizabeth I, scrying, Enochian language

Extraordinary Conduits

channeled text material

Of Chicks & Robots

consciousness, mind, intention

Energy Medicine- the Reiki Experiments

Reiki, energy medicine, healing techniques, scientific evidence

Which Element Are You?

Taoist medicine, stress relief, acupuncture

Shaking Medicine

A Nod to Newton, a Hug for Einstein, and the New Paradigm

end of materialism, paradigm shift, new healing methods

Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

What’s a Beguine? (spiritual movements, feminism)

The Mystic as ArtistEnrico Magnani

Philip K. Dick- Mystic

Charles Lindbergh’s Mystical Experience

Physics of the Soul- A. Goswami

living, dying, reincarnation



The Fashionable Ghost

ghost sightings, portrayal of ghosts in lit.

A Chill in Amsterdam

history, ghostly tales

The Dark Rises

hauntings in NY State

The Ghost Story in Literature

Ghost Town (St. Elmo)

visiting a CO. ghost town

A Parisian Cemetery/Pere Lachaise

Things That Go Bump in the Night

beware conjuring your own ghost

The Haunting of Alma Fielding- K. Summerscale

psychic investigation/ pre-WWII (UK)

Whisperers: The Secret History of the Spirit World- JH Brennan

paranormal, PSI, history

Halloween Oddities

19th cent., CO, Emma Crawford, coffin races

Emma Crawford Coffin Races



YA (Young Adult)

The House of Velvet & GlassK. Howe

Halloween- YA Horror Books

Made You Up- F. Zappia

schizophrenia, mental illness

Dream Boy- Crockett & Rosenberg

dreams, reality

And We Stay- J. Hubbard

high school, abortion, suicide

Secret Heart- D. Almond (YA)

Timeless Tulips, Dark Diamonds- E. Nelson

ghost story, history, Dutch Golden Age, tulips

Asylum by M. Roux

The Sin Eater- M. Campisi

historical, Elizabethan

Shift by J. Bradbury

mystery, thriller

Summer Reading for Teens

Mental Health in YA Literature

suggested reading

Wisdom from Childrens’ Authors

Can YA Reading Trends Be Predicted?

The (true) Story of Christopher Robin

A Beatrix Potter Christmas

Alice was a Real Girl

(truth behind Alice in Wonderland)


ADULT FICTION: thrillers, visionary, cozy

Black Order- James Rollins

thriller, evolution, intelligent design, quantum physics, genetic manipulation.

Prophecy- SJ Parris

Giordano Bruno, historical fiction

Owl Killers- K. Maitland

Beguines, history, spiritual

More Miracle Than Bird- A. Miller

fiction, Georgie Hyde-Lees, wife of WB Yeats, historical fiction, mystical

The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin- S. Knipper

The Book of Lost Fragrances- MJ Rose

Dark Matter- P. Kerr

Newton, alchemy, thriller

The Anesthesia Game- RN Martin

visionary fiction

The Sublime Transformation of Vera Wright- RN Martin

visionary fiction

Murder Under the Tree- S. Bernhardt

cozy mystery

The Star Family- T. Crater

visionary fiction



Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home (And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals) –R. Sheldrake

The Age of Atheists- P. Watson

Rational Mysticism- J. Horgan

Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness- A. Whitaker

The Haunting of Alma Fielding- K. Summerscale

psychic investigation/ pre-WWII (UK)

Theta Healing- V. Stibal

healing method

Memories of Heaven- W. Dyer, MD

children’s memories before incarnation

The Premonition- M. Lewis

Covid pandemic, history & background

After- B. Greyson

Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

The Magick of Reiki- C. Penczak

Reiki tradition & practice

Reiki for Life- P. Quest

The Energy Healing Experiments- G. Schwartz, PhD.

energy healing, scientific research, Reiki, etc.

Synchronicity- The Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind- K. Surprise

Sidewalk Oracles-R. Moss

synchronicity & games to try!

The Complete Dream Book- G. Holloway

dreams & meaning

The Power of Premonitions- L. Dossey, MD

Biology of Belief- B. Lipton

DNA is not Destiny, epigenetics, power of belief

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One)J. Dispenza

mind, consciousness, habits

Becoming Supernatural- J. Dispenza

yogic powers, mind, consciousness, science

Supernormal- D. Radin

Science and Psychic Phenomena- Fall of the House of Skeptics by C. Carter

(science proves the existence of ESP- dateline 1950s)

The Biology of Consciousness- JJ Semple

Case studies in Kundalini

In Search of the Miraculous- Healing Into Consciousness– E. Mada Dalian 

Super Synchronicity- Gary E. Schwartz

(Where Science and Spirit Meet)

The Divine Feminine Fire- Teri Degler

transforming power of feminine energy, consciousness

The Search for Omm Sety- J. Cott

reincarnation of Dorothy Eady

Reincarnation- LJ Wetzel

past lives, Akashic records

Proof of Heaven- E. Alexander

Whisperers: The Secret History of the Spirit World- JH Brennan

paranormal, PSI, history

Astrology & the Rising of Kundalini- BH Clow

Zealot- R. Aslan

historical Jesus

Nicholas & Helena Roerich- RA Drayer

biography, art, Theosophy, travel



Born With Wings: The Immortal Life of Piu

Piu- Bianca Gubalke (fiction)

Stone Cottage (visionary fiction, ghosts)

Maighread MacKay

Cyrion (YA)Abigail Borders

A Woman’s Space: The Power of the Female Body

K. Harding, PhD

Ever-Flowing Streams: Tapping into Healing EnergyDana Taylor (NF)

7 Illusions: Discover Who You Really Are- K. Wilson (NF)



Lydia Interviews Ellis

Ellis talks about writing

I Write Visionary Fiction- Who Knew?

Review of Timeless Tulips by author, Bianca Gubalke

Release of ebook: Timeless Tulips

3rd Book Contract: Timeless Tulips

What I’m Working On (2019)

ms “Greening of the Laurel”

A Focus on Everest

highlighting my book: Into the Land of Snows

Tulip Fever

history lesson for writing Timeless Tulips

Print Release: Timeless Tulips

Print Release: Elephants Never Forgotten

Into the Land of Snows Review-on Dana Taylor’s site

Ellis interviewed on Muse & Ink

Ellis interviewed at Mello Ello



Can You Still Be a Post-Materialist?

Moving to Belgium

Notre Dame

See You on the Other Side

my return to the US from Belgium

Abbey at Villers (Belgium)

Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

NOT Mr. Herriot (Pets in Belgium)

Well…Life in Belgium

Beware & DNA tests

What 2015 Brought

Teen Finds Ancient Ruins

The Voynich Manuscript Mystery:

Juvenile Fiction: What Sold in 2015

World Elephant Day

The (true) Story of Christopher Robin

A Beatrix Potter Christmas

Alice was a Real Girl

(truth behind Alice in Wonderland)

Ghost Town Visit- Colorado