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Last Saturday, my husband and I ventured into Manitou Springs for the annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races. We haven’t done that for probably fifteen years and wow what a change! It has become a huge event. The town of 5000 swells to 20,000 and it’s hard to move. The atmosphere is festive and friendly, and the crowd is young with many small children.  A parade led by hearses circles the square so that all the teams can show off their creativity.  I really liked the Ghoules Verne and Steampunk teams, but there were also Pirates, assorted monsters, Bumblebees (?), Egyptians, etc.  There were over thirty teams competing on Saturday with each race run with two teams. Every team had an Emma and a suitable coffin. Years ago, actual coffins or plywood facsimiles were used. Nowadays, most teams use something that resembles a handcart- good for safety, but lacking in authenticity. A fun, free event!



Photo: B. Marshall

Photo: B. Marshall


Photo: B. Marshall

Photo: B. Marshall


Photo: Craig Forhan

Photo: Craig Forhan


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Free Online Conference, STARTS MONDAY, You Must Register First


I’ll be hanging out at this conference and so can you! I’ve heard some of these speakers before and they are worth the time investment. If you’re unavailable for the live event, they offer a replay you can watch anytime. Pick and choose what interests you most. Register today by providing an email address and get set to learn something new for 2013!


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Held in Arlington, VA, Buddhafest (June 14-17) is billed as a festival of heart and mind. Activities will include the screening of movies, discussions, meditations, and music. Reading through the descriptions of the movies was both exciting (there are some great and unique offerings here) and sad (because I’m not going to be there).

So what will you see if you’re able to go?

The festival opens with Connected.  In this age of the internet, what does it mean to be connected? How does it affect us? Is it a good or bad thing? It seems to ask the cutting edge questions we’re all pondering and wondering about. It sounds like this film would make  a great jumping off point for discussion with friends and family.

In Buddha’s Lost Children, we journey to Thailand and follow a dedicated monk in his quest to help neglected boys become novices.

The Sufi word for “breath of life” is Baraka. This movie is described as a cinematic guided meditation and may best be experienced rather than written about.

When the Iron Bird Flies follows the path of Tibetan Buddhism from its secluded origins into mainstream western culture and asks if those ancient teachings can help us find happiness in a modern world.  

The life and journey of His Holiness 17th Gyalwa Karmapa is outlined in Bodhisattva. The Karmapa is an important Tibetan Buddhist leader who is viewed as the most likely interim successor to the Dalai Lama.

The movie Ram Dass- Fierce Guru is a tribute to the noted spiritual teacher and author of the influential book Be Here Now. The movie follows Ram Dass’ journey after a massive stroke.

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I continue to read reports coming from the Everest region. There have been approximately 316 summits so far and ten confirmed deaths. News stories over last weekend were grim and surely upsetting to anyone on the mountain. The majority of teams have completed their climbs, but some of the most experienced teams will make their bids soon.

 The weather appears to be cooperating and another summit opportunity has opened up. With the jet stream parallel to the mountains and with moisture holding to the south, conditions are favorable to climb. The remaining teams on the south, are at high camps and today and tomorrow will push for the summit. Traffic will be lighter than over the weekend and no bottlenecks are expected. Winds are expected to increase on Sunday.    

On May 19th, Ngim Chhamji Sherpa (age 16) became the youngest female to summit. She was accompanied by her father, a three time summiter and others on her team.


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I’ve been reading reports coming from Mt. Everest especially those from the south side. There is a summit window this weekend (May 19-20), and if the weather holds, many of the teams may try for the top.

The main problem right now is that the lines at the summit have not been fixed. Sherpas from several of the teams will combine their energies to get this done hopefully by May 17-18th. Fixed lines aid safety, but climbers can proceed without them.

A Chilean team seems to be moving aggressively to summit without the lines in place. One long term weather forecast indicates that this weekend may be the only feasible summit window. Some climbers may feel this is their only chance to summit this season and go for it. If the weather holds, some estimate 300 climbers may summit from the north and south.

Last season (2011), 525 climbers summited Everest bringing the total number of climbers to get to the top to 3425. Most will recall that it was Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay who were credited as the first to summit Everest back in 1953.

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This year’s climbing season is well under way and I thought the connection of Base Camp in Into the Land of Snows was more than enough for an excursion into what’s currently happening on the mountain.

Ever wonder what it might cost to sign on to one of these teams to summit Everest? A quick search revealed that for around $50,000 you too could take up this challenge. That’s a bit much for most of us, but there’s no reason we can’t live vicariously.

There are three routes from which teams will try to reach the top of the world. They are the South Col, NE Ridge, and West Ridge. By far, the South Col is the most commercial and most popular. From the south, two teams have called it quits, but most of the remaining 30 international teams on the mountain have reached Camp 3 and await the summit push. The 300 climbers (and about 400 Sherpas) are waiting for a five day weather window to allow them the summit push. With the weather being so unpredictable, it is often the case that climbers will get the go ahead and start the push, only to be called back again. This can be a frustrating and anxious time. In the meantime, the teams are resting and a summit push may be possible around May 21. Ropes have been fixed in the South Col and winds are expected to remain calm until the weekend.

This is such an exciting time on the mountain and I think we’ll check back in a few weeks to see how things are going. An internet search will help you to find blogs and websites that carry daily updates though.


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