This year’s climbing season is well under way and I thought the connection of Base Camp in Into the Land of Snows was more than enough for an excursion into what’s currently happening on the mountain.

Ever wonder what it might cost to sign on to one of these teams to summit Everest? A quick search revealed that for around $50,000 you too could take up this challenge. That’s a bit much for most of us, but there’s no reason we can’t live vicariously.

There are three routes from which teams will try to reach the top of the world. They are the South Col, NE Ridge, and West Ridge. By far, the South Col is the most commercial and most popular. From the south, two teams have called it quits, but most of the remaining 30 international teams on the mountain have reached Camp 3 and await the summit push. The 300 climbers (and about 400 Sherpas) are waiting for a five day weather window to allow them the summit push. With the weather being so unpredictable, it is often the case that climbers will get the go ahead and start the push, only to be called back again. This can be a frustrating and anxious time. In the meantime, the teams are resting and a summit push may be possible around May 21. Ropes have been fixed in the South Col and winds are expected to remain calm until the weekend.

This is such an exciting time on the mountain and I think we’ll check back in a few weeks to see how things are going. An internet search will help you to find blogs and websites that carry daily updates though.


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2 responses to “MT. EVEREST 2012 CLIMBING SEASON

  1. Absolutely wonderful video. Many of the locations are very familiar since Blake journeys forth from Base Camp. Of course, I had to work from guidebooks and online resources having never been to the region (at least in this lifetime). I know the Hillary Foundation does great work benefitting the Sherpas with schools, hospitals, and re-forestration projects. I hope to make a donation to their work from book proceeds (eventually). Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Thanks for liking my post. A friend of mine and his son climbed to base camp mount everest last year check it out – I look forward to reading your book!


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