I continue to read reports coming from the Everest region. There have been approximately 316 summits so far and ten confirmed deaths. News stories over last weekend were grim and surely upsetting to anyone on the mountain. The majority of teams have completed their climbs, but some of the most experienced teams will make their bids soon.

 The weather appears to be cooperating and another summit opportunity has opened up. With the jet stream parallel to the mountains and with moisture holding to the south, conditions are favorable to climb. The remaining teams on the south, are at high camps and today and tomorrow will push for the summit. Traffic will be lighter than over the weekend and no bottlenecks are expected. Winds are expected to increase on Sunday.    

On May 19th, Ngim Chhamji Sherpa (age 16) became the youngest female to summit. She was accompanied by her father, a three time summiter and others on her team.


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