The Sublime Transformation of Vera Wright by Rea Nolan Martin


What if your neighbor was a saint? This was the question Rea Nolan Martin asked herself in creating this masterpiece of visionary fiction. Her main character, Vera Wright, qualifies for the senior discount, but is still working as a beautician. She has a grown daughter and a teddy bear of a husband, living a normal life. Then one day, her parish priest asks the congregation to invite God into their lives. Vera does and that’s when everything starts to change.

I was fully caught up in Vera’s reluctant spiritual journey. More than once I wondered how I’d react if some of the things that Vera experienced happened to me. Remember in the stories of saints, the path to enlightenment is not an easy one. Vera is continuously challenged on her road to God. Unexpected twists and turns occur. Vera navigates some of them beautifully and some not. She is after all, human. Vera’s job is to awaken to her inner divinity and that awakening has her question the role of the feminine in Catholicism.

The story of Vera’s transformation might be heavy except that the author has interjected copious amounts of humor into the mix. Vera is the saint next door and we are no longer free to relegate holiness to the past. Might we not come across a saint in our own lives? Who is that waiting on us at the Post Office? Who is that old man feeding the ducks at the pond? The child reaching for the cookie? This book is a mind-opening adventure. Don’t miss it!


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12 responses to “The Sublime Transformation of Vera Wright by Rea Nolan Martin

  1. love it – “who is that waiting on us at the post office?” !


  2. John

    Sounds fascinating. I will have to take a look at this.


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and the like. Martin’s book sounds interesting, I’ve added it to my to-buy list.


  4. Kevin

    Your review itself is thought-provoking; the book must be incredible! Thank you for sharing.


  5. Thank you for adding another book to my reading list. sd


  6. Bob Edward Fahey

    Sounds great. Sounds like something I would have wanted to write myself. I will definitely be taking a look at this one!


  7. I am a tried and true atheist but I think I am deeply spiritual. When I had cancer 6 months ago, many “angels” appeared in my life who might never have revealed themselves to me!

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  8. Good stuff! Will you consider promoting my book The Shenanigans of Time on your site? I can send you a copy of my book. Do let me know.

    Poonam Chawla

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