In 1991, Barbara Hand Clow posited a theory in which planetary cycles could be used to predict the onset,progress, and completion of certain transformative growth cycles. The most powerful of these occurs at mid-life (early 40s) and can viewed as spiritual emergency. Her earlier work has been updated and re-released as Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini.

I was really intrigued when I learned my own crisis occurred within the predictable parameters and how my experience can be seen as a classic case of kundalini rise. My biggest regret is that I didn’t have this book about ten years ago when it would have been so informative and comforting!

Ptolemaicsystem-smallClow insists that everyone undergoes a rise in kundalini energy according to the movement of Uranus in a person’s chart. This rise triggers mid-life crisis. Mid-life crisis does seem to be a fairly common experience but we all know people who sail through life seemingly immune to life’s ups and downs. Certainly not everyone goes through spiritual crisis. Regardless, the information is very pertinent to the spiritual seeker and this is where it can be most useful.

The key astrological transitions to look at are the first Saturn return (age 30), Uranus opposition to the natal chart (ages 38-44), and the return of Chiron (age 50). The exact dates are given on charts in the back of the book. It’s interesting to try to look back and remember what was going on at each time. All of the dates held some significance for me. In addition, the key wounding dates for Chiron were also significant, but oddly enough, I wouldn’t say they were my worst wounds. This trend continued with my husband and son who could sometimes recall incidents connected to their dates, but also felt they were not the most significant ones they’ve experienced.

DiagrammaChakraKundaliniThere is much to ponder over reading this book. It should be required reading BEFORE mid-life, especially for the spiritually-minded. Anyone going through spiritual crisis will find some practical help to treat the symptoms and comfort knowing it will settle down (eventually). The material is presented in lively way with real life examples. No prior knowledge of astrology or the kundalini phenomena is necessary. All the charts needed to do your own analysis are included.


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21 responses to “ASTROLOGY AND THE RISING OF KUNDALINI- Barbara Hand Clow

  1. Thanks great blog postt


  2. maryliyn

    I can say that astrology is a fascinating topic for me. The book seems very interesting.


  3. Very interesting but as over 60 and got a fair way to go before I am 72 i’m betwixt and between 🙂


  4. Well written, very informative. I love the images! Great post.
    Rj ♡


  5. loasejohn

    I have a cousin who is rather spiritual, and I have heard something similar to what is described here by him in less coherent terms.

    While I will admit to being a skeptic, reading the science would no doubt be fascinating. I have always been enthralled with Hinduism and Indian culture by extension.


    • Right now I’m itching to get a book called Case Studies in Kundalini. I’m holding off because I have several dense things to get through right now and want to read some fun fiction as well but come fall, I’m ready to dive deeper. There’s certainly a lot available today to explore. Dip your toes in!


      • loasejohn

        A collection of case studies seems like it would be worth the read. While the science is always fascinating, moving away from generalizations can be just as powerful. I’ll take a peek at both!


  6. Fascinating stuff and I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World blog award or some flowers if you prefer.. best wishes Sally


  7. I have a friend who is going through a kind of crazy spiritual upheaval at 60! would love to find out more, thank for this!! Michelle


  8. The cycles at 72 and 84 are the fifth and sixth Jupiter Returns ( every 12 years) respectively. 84 also chimes with the return of the dynamic planet Uranus to its own place – the Uranus Return as it is known. Carl Jung left this world at that point…yes, all these cycles as described by Barbara Hand Clow are the astrologers’ stock – in – trade. Thank you for publicising them in this post, Ellis! They are so helpful for people to know about, and also point out that, individual though we all are, there is an archetypal quality to our life crises/turning points which we all share.

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  9. I feel that Barbara is a star-being delivering important transcendent messages for humanity…your post has reminded me of her mission and her amazing books…thank you Ellis..Xx

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  10. erinnicholewrites

    Reblogged this on erin nichole and commented:
    A testimony to the depths of our human connection with nature and the cosmos. We’re inextricably influenced by these naturally occurring systems around us; and striving to understand nature’s balance will surely manifest as internal patience, compassion and balance within the observer. Excellent post by ellisnelson, thank you for sharing!

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  11. Ellis, I knew some of this and will look for her book. Thank you for this information. sd

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  12. I’d never heard of this, but it sounds fascinating. Unfortunately I am beyond 50!


    • Second Saturn return is at 60- was quietly going to ride off into the sunset but- apparently not!! There’s another hit at 72 and 84 but can’t remember what the transits are.


  13. I may have to try reading her again. Maybe I wasn’t ready for what she had to say a decade ago. Thanks for sharing.

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  14. All this definitely applies to me – I was similarly surprised to find out (from different sources than this one you so kindly introduce here) the astrology’s impact on events of my life, particularly of my life crisis that started at 40. We definitely evolve according to patterns – archetypes.

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  15. reanolanmartin

    thanks for this, ellis! will definitely pick it up.

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