The Meditation Fundamentals Spiritual Schools are Getting Wrong

Tickets bought. We leave next week. One way to Brussels- me, husband, one dog & 2 cats. The process has been exhausting. No time to write (or think). Here’s an article on the importance of foundation to growing a meditation practice. Enjoy (and meet me back here in a few weeks from a new location in Belgium). Blessings all!

Khepfer Haru

14673883782460What Is Meditation?

Meditation is deepening into clarity beyond the boundary of the body and the mind.

With so many spiritual traditions and schools teaching – and so many people practicing – meditation, you would think there’d be a consistent, solid understanding in how to meditate, as well as what the techniques and the goals are in meditation practice.  Sadly, in many places this is not the case today, and although the fundamentals and methods of meditation are at the core of every spiritual tradition, these practices have been largely overlooked or oversimplified, even though they are the very cornerstone to spiritual self-development.

The results of proper meditation are their own reward, such as a clearer, calmer, more focused mind and a radiantly exuberant, blissful Awareness.  However, there are many incomplete understandings and teachings present in the more commercialized spiritual setting today, eager to talk about results while skipping over foundational…

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3 responses to “The Meditation Fundamentals Spiritual Schools are Getting Wrong

  1. Love this! I’m learning to meditate (the right way I hope) and I can’t wait until I can make a habit of it! Great article

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  2. Wonderful article, I can personally echo all this myself. Even with all the available information about meditation that we have today, it is increasingly difficult to find the whole package. Without a strong foundation, even the best-built house will soon fall. As experienced meditators, we have a responsibility to keep it real and authentic without commercialising it. For the curious and the ones who want to learn, you must ask many questions. Many of the best groups will not tell you much if you do not ask because they do not wish to be pushy or to become a commercial endeavour.

    Thank you once again,



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