The Science of Reincarnation


Physics of the Soul: The Quantum Book of Living, Dying, Reincarnation, and Immortality by Amit Goswami, PhD



So judging from the title you know this is going to be a tough book. Intriguing- yes, but not a walk in the park. Amit Goswami is a theoretical quantum physicist and in the book he attempts to reconcile the science and metaphysics of reincarnation and immortality. Essentially he outlines a science for reincarnation and some kinds of paranormal phenomena. The structure of the book follows the ponderings of a scientist as he develops his theory. Although this is personal, I often lost track of the details as he set forth on one track only to reverse himself later. As a reader (without a PhD in physics), I’d rather have the bare bones of the theory without the intricacies of why he went one direction or another. No one should attempt this book as a first foray into the quantum world, but for those with familiarity with nonlocality and the double slit experiment, go for it. This adventure will include proving that The Tibetan Book of the Dead is correct. There is no way I can cover the entire book, but I’m going to outline some of our quantum scientist’s ideas.


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The underlying paradigm shift that is required for us to understand this new science of reincarnation involves dropping the notion that matter creates consciousness. That is an outdated, old Newtonian idea. Consciousness is the basis of everything. It is consciousness that creates matter. The brain does not make us conscious. The brain is a receiver for consciousness. For most of you reading this blog, you long ago accepted that idea (so what else is new, you’re asking. Well, keep reading).


Goswami borrows from Indian medicine the idea that we have five bodies of consciousness. The first one (and the only one for materialists) is the physical body. Then comes the vital body made of vital energy followed by the mental body. The fourth body is the supramental intellect and the fifth is unlimited bliss (Brahma). Eastern traditions rely on the idea of chi or prana. Goswami thinks that acupuncture and chakra work, similarly and yet using different energy points or centers can both be effective because they are quantum in nature. They exist in possibility until the quantum wave collapses. (A fascinating idea that will drive a materialist scientist mad trying to figure out which modality is correct.) It is in the interaction of these subtle bodies outlined above which allows for the soul to survive and reincarnate.


At death, the physical body dies along with classical memory. However, quantum memory (acquired through repetition and stored in the vital and mental bodies) and the subtle bodies continue to exist. According to Goswami, souls cannot grow spiritually once they shed the physical body because they lack subject/object awareness. Although this may upset some notions of heaven, it does give weight to the idea that a physical body has a purpose and that purpose is spiritual growth.

In this theory, people who have had near-death-experiences or out-of-body experiences have shifted their center of identity to the vital/mental bodies which could be a Samadhi experience (without ego) but haven’t actually died.

Drawing on The Tibetan Book of the Dead, after physical death we have opportunities to transcend (and return to the Quantum Monad), but most of us will miss those chances and return. In the in-between states, we have the ability to correlate and communicate with the child you will be. In Goswami’s theory, karma is not reward or punishment but rather contexts or themes we develop in one life which continue. Failure to learn the theme results in more opportunities in later lives to obtain that knowledge. Learning creatively with closure “burns” karma. Other people (quantum monads) can become entangled with us as either supporters or enemies to help us learn our themes. At the end of each life, we have the opportunity to transcend again.


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There is a whole section devoted to ways to live spiritually. Goswami believes that our inner and outer expressions of creativity are key to developing a unique spiritual path. The book culminates with further musings on the evolution of the supermind, UFOs, and alien intelligences. Overall, this is a fascinating book! Find someone to talk to as you’re reading it. It provides great opportunity for discussion.


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19 responses to “The Science of Reincarnation

  1. Very good reads are Vera Stanley Alder – Finding of the third eye &
    Initiation of the World that join up humanity’s evolvement with the teachings that were hidden for centuries and started to reemerge in the mid 19th c. The Ancient Wisdoms and relationships with higher consciousness.
    Written in the 1940’s – 60’s from her own devotion to Alice Bailey.


  2. Theresa Crater

    Very inspiring.


  3. Bob Edward Fahey

    Great review. And helpful Thank you. Really gives us a feel for the material as well as how it’s presented. Critiques so often seem so disingenuous these days: I’ll give you a great review of your book if you do one for me!
    Thank you for your insights, your depth, and your integrity,


  4. Thanks for sharing Ellis. To pick up on the line “The brain is a receiver for consciousness”, I’m often reminded about this and often remind myself of the line in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark:

    Belloq: “Jones, do you realize what the Ark is? It’s a transmitter. It’s a radio for speaking to God”.

    I’ve more recently thought that the Ark of the Covenant depicted in that movie is in fact an allegory for consciousness; a hithero unknown thing shrouded in mystery with no one really knowing what it’s true purpose is and what secrets it holds, but when it’s secrets are unleashed, those that witness it’s full meaning and power cannot handle it and are destroyed, those who choose to not perceive it in whole or in part (our hero Indiana and Marion looking away) go safe.

    So maybe the brain is not only a receiver for consciousness, but also a filtering system, protecting “us” from knowing exactly what consciousness is whilst we are still living in the material world.

    Folks that live within the very unromantic materialist-reductionist paradigm I guess are a lot safer than the likes of you and I then 😀

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    • The Ark being an allegory is a very intriguing idea. And I think I can suggest some further evidence for it. Have you heard about the “rainbow body”? Advanced masters have their bodies dissolve in light upon death. Many Eastern traditions hold with this literal truth. These beings have known, recognize, experience the full weight of consciousness and their material bodies are consumed by it. Also, we know the brain is a filter. As humans, we do not experience the full spectrum of light or sound. We are restricted to one level of reality. A bird’s reality is different and also restricted. The filter is a safety device to allow us to survive in the 3D world with all its dangers and distractions. But if we go beyond that filter, like undergo a Kundalini transformation, we break free from the restriction. And cultures that talk about the rise of Kundalini (or something similar), also caution that it has dangers. Fascinating stuff!!

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      • Completely agree. Esotericism allows us to experience more of the electro-magnetic spectrum than most, but you are right, there are inherent dangers in doing that, I for one have been kissed and not bitten by the Kundalini serpent and thankful that I had the opportunity to be aware of its existence and to know the possible outcome if taken further. I came to the conclusion that study and meditation gives me the answers I seek. Each of us have our own paths to take, we just need to be aware of the signposts along the way.

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  5. This is all super intriguing. But how does it deal with the forces of nature and how those affect our attempt to learn our theme(s)?


  6. Reblogged this on Supernal Living with Dana Taylor and commented:
    Ellis Nelson reviews a fascinating book drawing quantum physics and mysticism closer.

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  7. Thanks for the summary. Fascinating. Science and mysticism getting closer all the time!

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  8. Sounds like a good topic to explore along with the rest of our search for higher knowledge. sd


  9. reanolanmartin

    Another awesome book! Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention, Ellis. Right up my alley!


  10. Actually I am surprised by how many of my spiritually oriented clients are unfamiliar with the idea that our physical body doesn’t create our light bodies; that instead,our light bodies create our physical body.

    Thank you for writing about this book.

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  11. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a fascinating read!


  12. Yes!! Consciousness, I believe, is everywhere and it does not die or dissolve it is perpetual.

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  13. Hello Ellis, I always love your posts and your books! Yes, I definitely believe we have lived before. Matter in the form of energy is never lost only changed i form and spiritual energy forms (us) are reborn in that way too.

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