March 17th, 2016

THE WINNERS ARE: Congratulations Dawnrigger and Linda Martin! I will be contacting you both to get your email details. Thanks to everyone who participated.

It’s almost spring and international teams will soon meet to begin the 2016 climbing season at Everest. Most of us will never be challenged by a mountain, but we can live vicariously safe at home, book in hand. For all you armchair adventurers, it’s contest time. Two free e-books of INTO THE LAND OF SNOWS will be awarded on Thursday, March 17th. Leave a comment about mountains below to enter. Contest closes 12:00 PM (MTN) on March 17th.

Spiritual Book for Young Adults

The blurb:

A troubled, sixteen year old Blake travels to Base Camp on Mt. Everest to spend time with his physician father.  When a deadly avalanche occurs, Dad is forced to rethink things and sends Blake off the mountain.  Now accompanied by a Sherpa guide, and in possession of a mysterious camera, Blake undertakes a journey which will challenge everything he believes.  In the magical Himalayas, he will be forever changed by what he experiences.


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  1. I’ve never been to Mt. Everest, but I’ve spent a lot of time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and on Mt. Shasta. I also climbed Mt. Albert in Quebec three times in one week.


  2. Starlight glints on our greatest challenge, the snow capped heights of Everest.
    Nice cover.


  3. My dad almost went on the 1963 American expedition that reached the summit of Everest. I point to that when people wonder why I’ve been fascinated by mountains all my life and yet have never climbed one.


  4. Since I can’t climb mountains anymore, I might as well get thoroughly lost on the mountain residing in the book. The adventurer in me is still alive and kicking!


  5. ‘Where the mountains touch the sky, do heaven and earth collide?
    Or is there a magical realm between, that some may reach but few have seen?’
    I live in a small village in Wales and I am surrounded by mountains, on a clear day I have a fantastic view of The Brecon Beacons, 70% of the year they are topped with snow and seem to belong to another world.


  6. Congrats on the book! The cover looks great! I am offering book promotion help on my blogs now! If you are interested visit this link Thanks!


  7. In the lower peninsular of Michigan where I have lived all of my life, we have rolling hills, trees and numerous lakes, not mountains. But I have traveled in the Alps and spent two months one summer in a small village in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Love mountains. It’s a new experience for this Michigan girl.


  8. The best way to climb a mountain is jumping into a great book about it – at least for me 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win.


  9. My husband ands I were lucky enough to visit Mt. Denali last summer. It was extraordinary. We also spent several days in Talkeetna, Alaska, not knowing this was where all the climbers start and end their journey to climb the mountain. As observers, we found them to be a different breed. They were adventurous, “devil may care”, mostly young men and women, who were living their dream. Just to share a meal with them and hear their stories, at a communal table in a local restaurant was exciting for us.


  10. I climbed Mount Sanitas in Boulder Colorado.

    My husband and his friends did a number of 14,000 ft. mountains.


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  12. I grew up near the Catskill mountains and make my home in the foothills of the Rockies. I am an armchair adventurer!


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