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I’ve been watching Maga’s astrology videos on Youtube for months now. What I like most about her presentation is the focus on spiritual growth and evolution. As my birthday approached, I decided to take the plunge and have her do my natal chart. I’ve been playing around with my chart for a few years so some of what Maga outlined was very familiar, but what was really helpful was that she looked at it from a perspective of soul mission and growth. Turns out, that’s the thing I most needed to hear as we head into 2016. I immediately reached out to Maga to see if she’d be interested in appearing on the blog. She’s here today to share her knowledge and perspective on astrology and healing. Before I launch into some questions I want to share a little about Maga’s background.


Maga is a professional healer, intuitive, astrologer, and artist. She holds a bachelor of science degree from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, is a Usui Reiki master, a licensed massage therapist, and is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor. She has been teaching since the late 1990s after going through her own transformative spiritual experience.

Welcome, Maga!


Mama Maga has answered the interview questions in the following audio file. Please click to listen to this fascinating interview.

1. What was your life like prior to 1995 when you experienced what you call “the Plutonian Passage”?

2. Was it then that you were called into the world in a new way or were you always interested in the spiritual side of life and healing?

3. As I’ve started learning some of the basics of astrology, I’m struck by how large and technical the art and science is. Can you share how you first became interested in astrology and how you proceeded to acquire your understanding?

4. When I was listening to your natal reading of my chart, I wondered how having some of these things pointed out early in my life might have made a difference. How can astrology be a practical tool in people’s lives? For a beginner, how should someone get started?

5. How can astrology be used for those with a spiritual inclination? How can it aid to our evolution and growth?

6. I’ve been watching “The Daily News” on your YouTube channel and I know you’re offering a special program starting in mid-January. Please describe what the 5 Month Membership is and who you think would most benefit from it?

7. As we look at 2016, what astrological aspect(s) should we most be aware of?


Thank you, Maga, for spending some time with us. Maga offers a wide range of astrology and healing services (at affordable rates, I might add). Please check out her YouTube channel and websites for more information.

Maga’s Links:  


Astrology Website:

Healing Website:



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17 responses to “Interview with Mama Maga: Karma2Dharma Astrology

  1. Benevolent_Son

    It’s always wonderful to see others professing the need to evolve spiritually – that is to properly mourn the passing of the old as the new anchors itself to reality. We all have a soul that aspires to fulfill its purpose in refining the experience felt collectively as opposed to individually.


  2. Thank you! I will check out Maga’s Youtube channel. 🙂 Aleya

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  3. Hi Ellis I’ve just posted the interview with Mama Maga on my Astrology: Questions and Answers Page.


  4. Hi Ellis what a fount of useful information you are! I am currently reading and enjoying Larry Dossey’s book on Intuition featured recently on your site, and am about to share the interview with Mama Maga on Twitter. May I reblog it next week for my Astrology: Questions and Answers blog? She sounds like a most interesting astrologer and I am glad you found the right person to read your horoscope. You are really getting into your astro-groove, from the sounds of things! And thanks for the heads-up in one of the comments here.


    • Please do reblog. I’m glad you find these topics interesting. I have an ephemeris and Robert Hand’s Planets in Transit now. Digging in and learning what I can. I’ve checked a few classes but they seem pricey for someone who has an interest, but not wanting to make a career investment.


  5. i enjoyed this – she is wondrously gifted. lil ol me agrees that there must be a resonance between messenger and seeker. the responsibility is, indeed, on the messenger. thank you!


  6. oviate

    I absolutely love astrology. The trick is definitely having the ENTIRE chart mapped out, sun signs mean nothing. I’m very “science” minded and was dumbfounded by how it captures a psychological makeup of a person very accurately.


    • I agree. I’ve done all the charts for my family and am having a fun time getting to know them in this way. For anyone who wants to do this, there are lots of free natal chart sites online. You just need the date, time, and location of birth.

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      • oviate

        I’m a leo, yet, I’m a 12th house sun, mercury/leo retrograde, 12th Saturn (Saturn is the placement I always check first) and I’m a (I forget the term) split 1st and 7th house majority. It’s an oddly balanced chart. The thing is, there’s a lot of 12th house weirdness in there.


      • oviate

        (Correction, heavy 1st house and libra placements being split. I can’t recall the name for that.)


      • You might like She’s an astrologer who writes a blog called Writing from the 12th House. She has a lot of placements there too. I have Venus & moon in the 12th house of Aquarius. I do see the connection between your 12th house and work- all the inner, hidden material.

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      • oviate

        I was mistaken, it’s a 1st and 12th house split and I’m a libra dominant. I’m an Aquarius moon in the 5th (just to point at for humor, my moon is in my sun house.)
        Full: rising:Virgo
        Sun: Leo 12th
        Moon: Aquarius 5th
        Mercury: Leo retrograde 12th
        Venus: libra 1st
        Mars: libra 1st
        Saturn: Virgo 12th

        Those are the biggies…

        The 12th’s… My father left the family when I was maybe 2, I don’t recall him. But that’s a 12th deal. He returned at the point of near death to reconcile, then died in the process last year around this time.

        12th, the house of the absent father (god) and the collective unconscious. It’s a tough thing to have in your chart.


      • Yeah, that’s a lot in the 12th. Interesting focus on the 1st house and 5th of Aquarius. Creativity!

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      • oviate

        My midheaven is Gemini, it’s a weird chart.

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      • oviate

        Keep in mind, the 12th makes the creativity very strange and also represses it. Being leo in the 12th makes it a struggle to express it. It’s a good chart, very fluid. It’s the 12th that’s disruptive.
        I found that Audrey Tautou is my almost astral twin, almost identical charts. Very slight differences, I use that to explain how important house placements are because that’s pretty much the only difference.


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