Amiens Labyrinth

Amiens Labyrinth

“I pursue a language to express universal truths that cannot be communicated with words.”   Enrico Magnani

Enrico Magnani is another friend I’ve met through blogging. He is a fellow mystic who expresses his journey along the path through his abstract artwork. His paintings are profound, using symbols to speak to our subconscious minds. For him, the symbols act as a catalyst to stimulate a process of inner questioning. The viewer is taken on a sojourn deep within ourselves to discover our alchemical gold revealing universal truth.

Mars & Pluto Game II

Mars & Pluto Game II

Enrico’s artwork can speak to all of us because it transcends culture, time, and space. Those on a spiritual path will find a companion truth seeker and an instant resonance will be established. Walk with him as he explores those mystical symbols, labyrinths, astrology, sacred geometry, the I-Ching, spiritual alchemy, and archetypes.

Reading his interviews, it’s clear he sees art as creation but he also wants art to evolve as he feels we all should do. His own path included a time of creating realistic images but eventually he began asking deeper questions and his art became more and more abstract. Today his work is entirely abstract using the understanding he had derived from more than twenty years  studying ancient traditions, philosophies, religions, and myths.

Fuoco (Fire)

Fuoco (Fire)

“Art can penetrate the domain of the soul and emotions, of everything that is not material, nevertheless real.”

Enrico Magnani

Enrico’s paintings have been widely exhibited throughout Europe and in two locations in the US. Currently, he is working on a project called “Cosmic Hug.” Begun in 2013 in Prague, the effort will link art and individuals in a global project demonstrating the interconnectedness of all beings while benefiting the needy.

For more on Enrico Magnani, please visit these sites:


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19 responses to “THE MYSTIC AS ARTIST

  1. Reblogged this on Elemental Muse Design and commented:
    energetically designing the mind-body form…

  2. I feel that art is the expression of the soul. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your support of the Mystic journey!

  3. sojourner

    “Art can penetrate the domain of the soul and emotions, of everything that is not material, nevertheless real.”

    Enrico Magnani

    Love it, and his art!

  4. I absolutely love to see the history of the artist, their intentions and creative pathways, as well as a bit of their work… you’ve made me an official fan of Enrico Magnani ❤ namaste

  5. Wonderful artwork! Thanks for sharing this transcendental work.

  6. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction

    wow, his use of color and texture is itself pretty breathtaking.

  7. Thank you for introducing me to his work! This is wonderful.

  8. These are interesting pieces. I really like the one in the middle. 😉

  9. These paintings are provocative as well as eye-catching. I always wonder at the mind of an artist and what compels them to create a particular work.

  10. So beautiful. Walking a labyrinth is so enriching. sd

  11. Thank you Ellis for your perfect synthesis of my art!
    I wish these wise messages from ancient spiritual traditions will help people in this long, difficult, but also wonderful and enriching experience that is life on earth!

  12. I needed this today! Thank you for fanning the flames of creation 🌞.

  13. meco6

    Thanks for the introduction to this amazing artist.

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