Pluto with satellites

Pluto with satellites

Recently I watched an episode on Gaiam TV where Regina Meredith was interviewing an astrologer. I’ve been interested in astrology off and on since I was a teenager, but over the past year or so that interest has become more intense and I watch quite a few YOUTUBE astrologers as they explain what’s going on in a given month. It is fascinating and personal.


What resonated with this interview concerned the movement of Pluto and how these long transits (248 years to circle the zodiac) influence generations. With Pluto in a given sign anywhere from 11 to 32 years, it defines a whole generation. In a way, this is the opposite of personal because I share influences with everyone in my age group. As a writer for young people, this idea intrigues me. It especially drew me in as the astrologer talked about my adult children’s group (Pluto in Scorpio). He talked about the attraction for this group to pagan religions and pure philosophy. My daughter describes herself as pagan and my son is currently exploring nihilism and its intricacies. Further extrapolating, I thought- wow, this was the perfect market for Harry Potter. Some people think JK Rowling had a unique idea or that the books were exceptionally well done. But most of us realize that young wizards going off to school has been done before. Perhaps then, Pluto in Scorpio almost guaranteed Harry Potter would make publishing history.


The youngest of the children of the Pluto in Scorpio generation will turn twenty soon so as a children’s writer, I bid them farewell. My attention turns to the Pluto in Sagittarius (1995- 2008) group. This would be my target audience and astrology should help me see who these kids are. What are the characteristics of this generation? Sagittarius rules religion, philosophy, long distance travel, and foreign countries. This generation should have a keen interest in these areas and Sagittarius has a can do enthusiasm that Scorpio lacks. They value freedom, are easily bored, and may not be as well-grounded and realistic as some. If I were to try to predict what would appeal to the Pluto in Sagittarius generation in terms of books (and movies), I’d list novels with far away settings, diverse cultures, exciting plots, maybe some quirky humor. I’m not sure dystopia like Hunger Games and Divergent will continue to appeal. Those seem more tied to earlier Scorpio themes. The Sags should be interested in religion and philosophy so perhaps visionary fiction will find its place. Time will reveal what this generation gravitates toward and what the next big blockbuster will be. Just about the time we start to see how obvious it all should have been, the Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) kids will show up and we’ll be scratching our heads all over.



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  1. Thank you for writing about something that introduced a new perspective to me.

  2. scorpio pluto

    however i must say, sagg plutos, dont really wana show up, theyre about to turn 20, seriously, still we havent really seen them, not singers, not actors, scorpio plutos were doing stuff since 2001 with harry potter and crap, twilight, all the 2000s decade was governed by scorpio plutos, just few libra plutos who looked young, but they were few, now it should be the turn for the saggs already, but maybe they just dont care to be the spotlight, i feel them actually as a really mature aware generation, sometiemes at a kids parties, we scorpio plutos are the ones playing with their jumping with their tumblings and inflatables, i catched sagg plutos kinda bored, they prefer to stay in the social medias, they prefer to talk, seriously, theyre mature, no wonder why theyre not into acting and that sht right now, they seem serious about what they do, maybe we will start to see them more in action by 2018 but as writers or important people, not into the pop culture at all, i dont know, i have a feeling they will live a total different world by 2020s, maybe we wont even have pop at all, considering aqua pluto will be anti egotistical-entertaining era, but who knows, if we wanted to see sagg themes resembled by sagg teens, lets say 2000s kids, maybe lets wait to 2016, maybe 17 and 18, thats my guess, by 2015, i expect a little of sagg plutos stuff resembled by them, witth sagg saturn, ive seen them more in the streets than before, so yeah, 2016, 2017, i guess we will see them in action as singers or something, finally… lol, i hope, theyre not emo who wont like the entertainment, yeah i dont think so, the first scorpio pluto singers we saw was until 2002, and they were weird, like tatu, it was until 2005, and 2006, when we were really starting to see them, gaining popularity by 2007 and then exploding by 2008,09, with capricorn pluto, so yeah, making counts, lets say, when the younger start turning 20, we might see some appeareances, weird, but we will see them, like in 2017, then by 2021, more of them appearing, then exploding by 2023, with aqua pluto entrance, just dont expect a huge thing like scorpio plutos, because the scorpio generation is unique, the thing of them being at their home sign, no wonder why so much thing with harry potter and twilight, just to mention a few, sagg plutos now are teens, they arent making amazing things regardless to entertainment, and i dont doubt they will not do it so amazing by 2020s, Scorpio plutos will always be the best generation, not that we dont like sagg plutos or something, we actually love them, lol, in any case by 2030s, robots and techonoly will be the new singers and actors of the movies, Lol

    • I guess I prefer to see each generation as unique, bringing in certain strengths, hopefully beautifully timed for the need. Pluto in Sag are now between 7 and 20 years old so this is the generation I’m keen on since these are who I will be marketing to. I have kids in the Scorpio generation and that group is too old for teen literature (although over half of YA readers are not young adults, LOL!) .

  3. scorpio pluto

    I actually think we are already seeing it, the hunger games are actually really saggy pluto, the vow and arrow?? lol, many themes, actually the scorpio plutos themes are now into the 30s mainstream now, 50 shades of grey etc, its 2010s now, i think we have been seeing many sagg pluto themes, it doesnt matter if scorpio plutos are the actors, all of the scorpio pluto teen themes of the 2000s, like scary movie or jackass were all portrayed by libra plutos, when in fact by 2000, high schoolers were already scorpio plutos. I have to agree sagg plutos are in a different world, you might not see, but scorpio plutos see it, and we admire them, they dont really let outer things crash them, since their living in a different world, seriously, theyre blunt enough to care about the things we care, yep, theyre awesome, theyre not into playing, theyre more serious about society, we will see them in action in aqua pluto, and trust me it wont be pleaseant, we scorpio are actually angels, compared to what will the saggs do

    • Robert Phoenix of the 11th House program calls Sag in Pluto, The Hunger Games generation. Just caught this on Gaiam last week. With the other aspects of Uranus & Neptune he sees them as outgoing & team oriented, risk takers in the physical sense, truth loving & seeking, expansive, deeply philosophical, potential zealots/heretics, religiously oriented but sometimes cynical, conventionally moral, inventive, lots of energy. Pluto/ Capricorn will come in to be our future builders. Pluto/Aquarius will push all the boundaries.

      • scorpio pluto

        hehe, i know right, my scorpio plutos fellows, have described me how team oriented these guys are (the sagg plutos), theyre really powerful, and yep, aqua pluto will push just as many boundaries, with the scorpio pluto as adults, letting the saggs do all they need, we will always support them, cause our ideas arent very common, but the future will let them happen, and libra plutos are starting to make justice!! haha, by aqua pluto they will be the leaders of the world and i bet it will be a fair society, not that i judge leo or virgo plutos, but they focus on boring thigns, well, leo plutos are my favorites hehe, they made so much entertainment, but virgo plutos ehhhm, i had to say theyre doing what is right, and its obviously necessary for the human growth, but they frurstrate me!!!, dont take me wrong, capricorn plutos will annoy us as well!! haha, i see them reforming the world by 2040s in pisces pluto and hating scorpio plutos for keepin on their weird dark dream world of us XDD, we will be like the leo plutos of tomorrow and all the generations will kinda bash us, but they wont forget we were the ones who brought the new world, just like leo plutos brought all we needed today, in order to have these new ideas, even the internet!! yep, all these “rubish” we have was created by leo plutos, i really admire them, and i think aqua plutos will admire us as well, and respect us!!!hehe, but all generations are cool!! its just a perspective, virgo plutos make cool things too, that we dont see because they work behind the scenes, but theyre making videogames and amazing crap as well!!!, lol greetings!!

  4. i greatly appreciated this post and your site, generally. a well presented look at some of what astrology *really* is about from someone ‘outside’ the bunch is a precious find. 🙂

  5. Truly awesome and on point. I’m Pluto in Scorpio, ’87. My daughters are Pluto in Capricorn. We shall see. Anyways back to your article. This is an excellent way to analyze what a generations style might be. Many people think Astrology is made up and very general. What many don’t think about, is that astrology has been around for many many years. It was relied upon for answers. Many great ancestors studied and relied on it for many reasons. There’s even medical astrology, medicine by the stars (it blows my mind, the accuracies…). My whole point behind this comment is, bravo. Astrology is a vast subject and involves many aspects of life, the stars, and planets. It can provide much insight into many things. I’m glad I had a chance to read your article. It has inspired me with a few things on my path. Love and Light.

  6. Reblogged this on James Creative Arts and Entertainment Publishing and commented:
    I thought this was a good article. It had a great deal of information. Enjoy.

  7. Reblogged this on Astrology: Questions and Answers and commented:
    Ellis and I ‘met’ via our blogs last year. Since then we have reviewed each other’s books, shared a range of esoteric interests, commented on one another’s blogs and even Liked various items of personal and intellectual interest on Facebook. I have been happy to observe Ellis’ growing interest in astrological symbolism, and I’m really pleased to be able to re-blog this astute and insightful post on the astrological generations. Since the beginning of my astrological studies, teaching, and practice I have been utterly fascinated by the way in which planetary symbolism plays out not only in our individual, but also our collective lives. “As above, so below” as the ancient maxim states.

    As Ellis rightly observes, the outer planets including Pluto take so long to traverse a given astrological sign that they symbolically define generations rather than individuals. However, when those generational planets connect with the personal planets in your or my horoscope, the collective becomes very personal!

    For example, you will read Ellis’ summary of the key characteristics of Sagittarian energy as manifested by the group of young folk born whilst Pluto traversed that sign from 1995-2008…” Sagittarius rules religion, philosophy, long distance travel, and foreign countries. This generation should have a keen interest in these areas …” For those members of that generation with Pluto in Sagittarius triggering off personal planets, eg the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars in their personal horoscopes or birth charts, the collective becomes very personal indeed, and those young folk become particular exemplars and exponents of Sagittarian energy in action!

    Enjoy this post…and do share your own thoughts with us.

  8. Ellis, as an astrologer who has been studying, practising and teaching since 1981, just before Pluto shifted from Libra to Scorpio, I have been privileged to observe the impact of that powerful, life-changing planet’s movements in my own life and the lives of my clients and students – as well as in our collective lives. I really appreciate the clear and insightful way you have described the generational manifestations of these shifting energy patterns.
    My view, by no means unique amongst astrologers, is that astrological symbolism ascribes meaning to the energies of the shifting dance of order and chaos in our universe, using different language than either mystics or quantum physicists, but essentially attempting to explicate the same Ground.

    I’d like to reblog this post on my Astrology: Questions and Answers blog, if I may?

  9. That’s a great idea. From my general sense I would add that Pluto in Sag might also have a humanitarian motivation behind all that interest in religion and philosophy, but that they would choose to walk their own unique road. The journey of the fool / the becoming of the action hero / the way that new information – not previously available to the ancients (such as advancements in science and technology) – is integrated into the way they save the world/their dream/whatever. Umm, I had a conversation with a teenager from this generation a few weeks back and this is what I picked up from his interests. I reckon this is the perfect era for visionary fiction – go for it.

  10. What a cool idea for identifying a market! Very savvy of you. 🙂

  11. My mother was into astrology and she explained to me that the reason the signs hold certain attributes is because each sign represents its own magnetic field in the universe. It makes sense to me. Of course, adding moon and rising signs to our sun signs, along with the ever moving placement of planets assures us all our individual identities. Then add to that genetics, and family lifestyles, traditions,etc. and you have even more variety. Still, when we are born, I am convinced we each have our own little place in the universe. Of course, I could be wrong.

    Either way, I wish you luck in reaching your audience using astrology as a basis for your writing.

  12. So what does this say about baby boomers?

  13. What a fascinating study! What an interesting way to predict what writers may want to focus on for a few years.

  14. What you wrote makes perfect sense as I look at the generations in my family. Have fun writing a new genre of books. sd

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