SHAMAN ELIZABETH Joins Me for Author Interview- Get her FREE Book Now

FREE “Shaman Stone Soup” eBook — Limited Time!

Shaman Stone Soup

Shaman Stone Soup

Shaman Stone Soup is an Enchanting Memoir Featuring 20 True-Life Stories of Miracles. It’s available free on during a special promotion on January 4-8 (Kindle eBook) to help promote her new release, Dreams of Dying.

In Shaman Stone Soup, Shaman Elizabeth Herrera shares personal stories of spirit guides, angels, and enlightened beings answering calls for help through miracles. You’ll read about the spirits of ancient wise men who provided a miraculous cure from cancer for a friend; Elizabeth’s vivid dream of a pastor who needed guidance and their later “chance” meeting; a client’s husband, who was visited by three spirits showing him the past, present and future; and many more!

“Unique and captivating!” — Awareness Magazine

“Clearly written from the heart.” — Sandra Ingerman

“Beautifully written and heartfelt stories.” — Hal Z Bennett

Shaman Stone Soup will take you on a journey to the mystical side of life, where miracles and healing are natural occurrences. 

FYI: the Kindle app can be downloaded to computers and smart phones.


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11 responses to “SHAMAN ELIZABETH Joins Me for Author Interview- Get her FREE Book Now

  1. Thank you Ellis – just downloaded this book and looking forward to reading it. Another interesting suggestion from you.


  2. Thanks Ellis! Just downloaded the book and can’t wait to get started reading it. Looking forward to your interview with the author. Happy New Year!


  3. Thank you for another wonderful book tip..Got it can’t wait to read this


  4. Thanks, Ellis. Love free books.


  5. That is certainly a fascinating cover!


  6. I’ve just downloaded the book. It looks fascinating. Can’t wait to read it. Looking forward to the interview too. Thanks for sharing this!


  7. Ellis: I am looking forward to the interview! Elizabeth


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