We’ll never totally get over Newton. His system explains lots about daily life. But we will need to move forward and embrace new ideas and try new things that challenge our worldview. It is said that when a person has direct experience of reality (a metaphysical experience) things become blurry. Literally blurry. Welcome to that new reality.

The understanding of a solid, material existence is constantly being called into question by quantum physics. Quantum physics isn’t new and we only choose to believe that the question is still there. It’s not. We live in an energy filled world. Things aren’t solid, they just look that way. The universe isn’t empty, it’s filled with energy.

Enter a new paradigm for seeing yourself. Quite simply you are an energy being. Here’s one example. Your electromagnetic heart field extends 8 to 12 feet around you. When you walk into a room this field interacts with others. If you sat across from me, our hearts would act on each other. Scientific equipment could “find” your rhythm in my EEG recording and vice versa.

As we start to understand ourselves as energy beings a whole new way of thinking opens to us. We are energy and so is everything else around us. We interact with everything in our environment (and how big that is, is only constrained by how you define it), all the time energetically. These ideas have ushered in a whole new set of treatments and modalities of healing. To access these new methods, we must push forward fighting established ways just like Columbus pushed forward to pursue the idea of a new world. I’m working with two of these new systems currently.

The first is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Developed by Gary Craig in the 1990s, it is based on the discovery that tapping on traditional meridian points defined in acupuncture systems brings relief from pain, disease, and emotional issues. The other system called The Emotion Code brings relief with the use of magnets run along meridian paths. Both modalities rely on the idea that negative emotion disrupts the body’s energy system and is a major contributor to pain and disease. EFT is widely regarded as helpful in many kinds of cases. Recently there’s been a lot of successful work done with EFT with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Both systems are easily accessible through books and online training. There are also practitioners throughout the country who are trained to give these treatments.

On a personal level, I have had some success with EFT in aborting low intensity migraines. It’s sort of similar to my ability able to use bio-feedback to raise finger temperature to abort a migraine early in my cycle. The real test for the system will come as I see if EFT can help me avoid aphasia after an emotional trauma. I’m just starting with The Emotion Code but it is far more complex that EFT. If you’d like to learn more about either system, resources are found below.

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy- Cyndi Dale

The EFT Manual- Gary Craig

www.garythink.com (FREE tutorials on how to do basic EFT)

The Emotion Code- Dr. Bradley Nelson



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  1. Ellis, thanks for your like on HermeticOrderForHumans. I’ve enjoyed browsind your site! I haven’t read the books you discuss here, although I have also used EFT effectively and learned from Gary Craig.

    Are you familiar with the energy medicine books by James Oschmann? I became familiar with him because he supports the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent.. His older book was great, and i find that he has recently authored a book with Candace Pert.


    • I haven’t read anything by Oschmann although the name was familiar. I checked his book out on Amazon and it looks like something I should get. Frequency specific microcurrent sounds a lot like what Dr. Shealy recommends for pain, like the TENS unit?


      • Where tens current is measured in 10s of milliapps, FSM is in measured in microamps, 1/1000 the amount of 10s. And frequency of the current varies with what is being treated. People don’t ususally feel it unless they are sensitive to energies. Carolyn McMakin has revived it, a technique from early 20th century that was banned when the AMA came into power. It has been healing for me and I know of many others. Thanks for your interest. I would like to get the word out for it, even though I am now intimately connected to a person who heals without external props. Thanks for your interest. — Aggie


      • Shealy has talked about it on interviews. He’s indicated it’s used on the brain and that’s why the current is low. The AMA may have to move over now that recent research seems to indicate water can hold memory. The AMA destroyed homeopathy and drove it underground for the most part. We may see those practices gain momentum now.


  2. I love this kind of stuff, and find it fascinating that science is starting to catch up enough to realize that there is something to the things that empathic and spiritually-minded people have been saying for thousands of years. We can and do influence each other in ways people are only beginning to imagine.
    Thanks for the book and methodology recommendations – I’ll check them out!


  3. Hi, you responded to my blog and yours is equally awesome. You might be interested in reading James Oschmans book Energy Medicine – the scientific basis. We have to keep sending the energy message out!


  4. Great post, I love The Emotion Code, it’s amazing! Check out The Body Code, also developed by Dr.Nelson.


  5. betinaj

    Great post! I’ve so enjoyed your blog…thank you for sharing.


  6. Like it or not, I’m nominating your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger award. Details are over on my blog: http://jeffreyhowe.wordpress.com/

    In the immortal words of Bluto Blutarsky: “This isn’t over until we say it’s over!”


  7. Nice, what a beautiful post. I recently watched an incredible documentary on Buddhism and Quantum physics, which explained a lot of what you talk about here.

    Thanks for stopping my my blog, btw. I’m loving what I’m reading here on yours, too. Are you an author by trade?

    Thanks 🙂


  8. I’ve heard of EFT many times as this is one of the practices of my mother. I guess mother is usually right! I use a technique in my mind I call ‘going back in time’ to rid myself of headaches. But I haven’t used that technique in several years because I haven’t had a headache. I may have programmed that ‘feeling’ out of my existence. I’d like to get more familiar with the emotion code book, looks interesting!


    • Kevin Rice

      If you can describe your technique well enough to each it to others and perhaps write a book or training manual on it, you might have what it takes to become the innovator of another energy technique, or perhaps an NLP pattern, and reap the benefits, both spiritual and material, of being able to help people in that way. It can be a very noble way to earn a potentially high income.


  9. Thank you for this thoughtful and informative post! I’m reading a book right now called Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics, by Christopher Carter (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12813513-science-and-psychic-phenomena). It talks about this paradigm shift, the effects of quantum physics on scientific beliefs, and the ever-weakening arguments of hardline skeptics of the unseen. It gets a bit dry in places, but it’s interesting and timely.


    • Sounds like a good one. I’m tired of seeing PSI treated like it’s crazy. ESP has been proven!!! Why is this not in mainstream American thinking. It’s like denying the rise of the moon.


      • Yeah, no kidding. The whole premise of the book is to expose the historical origins and head-in-the-sand persistence of skeptics. I found it heartening to see the whole anti-PSI issue laid out as a fundamentalist scam.


      • Yeah, Rupert Sheldrake calls the head in the sand thing the “dogma” currently in place in science. Which points out science shouldn’t have dogma. Materialism is going to fall very slowly and science is going to have to lead in a scientifically minded world.


    • My library doesn’t have this…might be part of the problem!!!


  10. “Your electromagnetic heart field extends 8 to 12 feet around you. When you walk into a room this field interacts with others. If you sat across from me, our hearts would act on each other. ”

    Just love this stuff, so if we are acting from our heart, then others have the ability to “know” we are coming from our heart if they are tuned into their heart. Heartfelt communication.

    “Negative emotion disrupts the body’s energy system and is a major contributor to pain and disease.”

    Likewise positive emotion, or thought, allows the energy system to flow, and alleviate pain. This can be achieved through inner work and meditation, or by tricking the mind via placebo. The inner work tends to have more integrity as when the mind finds out its tricked, it’s harder to trick again and the mind has no foundation of peace to fall upon.

    Alan Watts speaks on pain and how we can change our perception of it, there is a lecture on it in his eastern wisdom series.

    Cool post!


    • There’s also all the work done by HeartMath to prove these interconnections. And the more healing work I read about, the more heart-centered I’m finding it. Reading from this week shows your heart has a brain that stores memory and feelings. That’s why heart transplant patients often take up habits and preferences of their donors.The heart sends signals to the brain that are more powerful than the reverse link. I’m sure I’ll find the Watts interview on your site, eventually. Fun stuff!


      • Kevin Rice

        HeartMath is fascinating, and I love using EFT, and now Faster EFT as well (which I am not quite as good at). I had a copy of Dr. Nelson’s “The Emotion Code” but I had not begun to read it. Your post motivated me to begin reading it and I was delighted. A very engaging, fast read – I sped through the first chapter in less than three minutes. My speed reading training clicked on easily, effortlessly (usually it is a struggle for me to maintain such rates with sufficient comprehension, which is both the reason for, and the result of, my failure to practice the skill regularly). I did not know that Dr. Nelson uses magnets – that really connects up these new meridian therapies with both magnet therapy and the early history of hypnosis, with Anton Mesmer and others before him from Father Maximillian Hell all the way back to Paracelsus. For some time I have thought that these therapies could be styled as “neo-mesmerism”, though I think that would be seen as a pejorative.

        Thanks for writing this post, and for following my shared blog with my wife, Catholibertarian.


      • It’s always wonderful to hear someone found the blog leads worth following up on. Anyone interested in alternative medicine should also check out Dr. Norm Shealy’s website. I get a lot of info there. If you sign up for his newsletter, he often forwards info on free web seminars where many alternative practitioners teach their methods. I heard Dr. Nelson treat callers in one of these live call in programs.


  11. So informative thank you !


  12. Hello and how do you do! It was a pleasure to have you stop by my blog. On a new topic, oh my, where have you been all my life? I started reading some of your postings………..you had me until my coffee cup ran dry. You are such a talented writer and gifted story teller. I will be back and I will tell others to come with me! What a wonderful little nugget in my day. Thank you.


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