All the way from Edinburgh, Katharine Griffiths interviews me on writing young adult novels and the influence of Buddhism on my work. Join us for the fun. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Anything goes.


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13 responses to “NEW AUTHOR INTERVIEW

  1. Thanks for dropping by I have 4 young adults in my family, so I see some family reading time in our future.


  2. chandrashekhara


    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is real awesome. I just loved it.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Best of luck with your book launch!!


  4. Hey I love the Tanka at the background….i have one too at home…from Bhutan.


  5. Reblogged this on karlitoweb and commented:
    Shareturday! The first story I’m sharing is from an author who just started following me. This writer, though her audience is young adult, appealed to me because she uses Buddist teaching and thought in her work, and I was curious to see how this was axxomplished, being a novice on the Buddhist path myself. Enjoy author Ellis Nelson, and have a great Shareturday!


  6. Interesting interview, Ellis. Congratulations on the book. Perhaps your book will plant the seeds of Buddhism in a young mind in the same way the Dhammapada influenced you.


  7. I did enjoy reading your interview, and am going to order your book. I think I am most comfortable with YA, and look forward to the journey in it very much.


  8. I enjoyed reading your interview and agree with your premise that children are so much more open and embracing of new concepts and ideas without a lot of judgement or baggage. A nice reminder for me to jettison my own…..


  9. Enjoyed the interview – quite enlightening. Talking about which, do you have details about that small book of Buddhist phrases? Or perhaps a Link to similar info? I too have been interested in it for many years, but never taken time to follow up. I could do with a means of settling the inner turmoil that is my life, and curious to see if this would help. I guess I could google info but from the interview you seem to be similar to me. I have written a YA also (unpublished due to lack of ‘issues’ in it) which I intend to revise and then perhaps publish via my blog.
    Well done getting your novel published and good luck with the two doing the rounds at the moment. You success gives your fellow writers hope that they too can still succeed. I for one am in your corner. Looking forward to reading INTO THE LAND OF SNOWS. I live in Australia, so I will check the bookshops here, and failing that will go online. Or are you marketing it online yourself? Good luck and kind regards, Jud House


    • Hello Jud,

      The book I found as a child was probably a short version of The Dhammapada. There are several different versions out which contain simple, core teachings of the Buddha. Check your library for a copy. They should have something. I would also reccommend books by Pema Chodron. She is an American Buddhist nun who writes for the average person. You might look for Start Where You Are or When Things Fall Apart. You probably won’t find my book in bookstores there. It is available online through major outlets like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and even independent bookstores can order it for you. Come back and let me know what you think. Good luck on your spiritual quest. May you find the peace you (and all of us) hunger for. Best, Ellis


  10. Congratulations! I’m currently reading your book, Into The Land of the Snows”. I’m enjoying it (despite the fact that I’m way, way beyond a YA) and plan to post my thoughts when I’ve finished it. Continued success with your writing, Ellis!


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