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Over the years I’ve looked for books on creativity. I haven’t found much and that’s why I was excited to see this book in the paper one day. It’s getting a lot of attention. So many news and book entities are stumbling over each other to say nice things, I had to read it. So I patiently waited for my turn at the library and eventually I made off with the coveted treasure.

Alone at home I perused the book’s pages looking for THE secret. What would make this writer…more creative? I did learn a few things. Like how the brain solves puzzles. Most of us will try logic until the left hemisphere gets frustrated. When we become stumped, we tend to complain and whine, or storm off. Eventually we might try a new approach which causes a spike in gamma waves. The epiphany moment, the breakthrough we all want, is signaled by increased activity in the anterior superior temporal gyrus. While interesting, this hasn’t actually made me much more creative. I shake the book and plead, what can I DO to be more creative???

The author insists we stay with the process. Now if you get stuck in the creative process, he does offer some help. There are times when walking away and taking a break can be beneficial. The conventional wisdom of clearing your head is quite effective. And the author cautions that drugs which increase attention tend to decrease the likelihood of the “Aha” moment. So that means lay off the coffee and ADHD meds. Go ahead and daydream. Your teachers were partially wrong about that. Daydreaming can be very helpful in stimulating new ideas and approaches, but usually only if you’re the kind of dreamer who has the skill to identify solutions when they arise. I’m not sure I’m the proficient type, so I’ll have to be very observant when I put this idea into practice.

Additionally, your environment can help your creativity. Open sunny spaces may help us be more creative, so sit near a window or go outside whenever possible. The color blue seems to increase creativity, expansive thinking, and alpha wave production. Red, on the other hand, is better for focus and attention to details.

The other part of the equation on creativity has to do with utilizing the ideas or insights we get and bringing them into the world. This is the part where the real focused, butt-in-chair action has to happen. Actually this is the part I’m pretty good at. I’m able to skim this section of the book.

So what did I do with all my new-found knowledge? I have a blue blotter on my desk to expand my thinking. Is it working? No idea.


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