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CHAOS CODE by Justin Richards

In an effort to offer an alternative to all the paranormal romance books available, I have a book recommendation for teen boys. Of course, girls are free to read this as well. As a teenager this is the kind of book I would have chosen for myself. Chaos Code by British author Justin Richards is a great, fast-paced adventure book.

Turning up on his archeologist father’s doorstep for the start of a school break, Matt finds his dad missing. A trace of sandy footprints and a mysterious coded message left by Dad soon has young Matt hot on his father’s trail. With his new friend, Robin, and her father, Matt discovers Dad has been kidnapped in order to help an egomaniac find and decode a system that will allow world domination. The stakes are high. Matt and Robin must rescue Matt’s father and prevent the villain from executing his plan. Connections to the mythology of the great flood, quantum theory, and the power of computer technology all add to the plot and suspense.

 Justin Richards consults for the BBC on the Doctor Who books and has published several books for young readers including Death Collector, Parliament of Blood, and the Invisible Detective series. If you like action and technology, you might want to give him a try.


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