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YA (young adult) Books with Reincarnation

I’m currently working on my own book that will feature rebirth so I’ve been doing some research. I’ve located a few books with this theme and have read them to see what’s available to the average teenager. Before I dive into the three that my local library has, I feel the need to make a distinction that the purist will already know, but others won’t. The word reincarnation has come into our vocabulary, but unfortunately we are using it incorrectly. Reincarnation is an Eastern term for the very rare and specific case of an evolved being deliberately incarnating and controlling the process. Average beings do not reincarnate, but rather stumble back into the body in a process called rebirth. All of the books below actually involve rebirth. Sigh- I know everyone will continue to use the word reincarnation.

The Red Thread (A Novel in Three Incarnations) by Rodney Townly

Contemporary paranormal with historical elements

Sixteen year old Dana has troubling dreams of being sealed in a small chamber. Her therapist convinces her to try past-life regression. This opens a Pandora’s Box of secrets and the knowledge that some people in her current life were also part of the past. A trip to the UK confirms some of the information and Dana becomes more and more drawn into her mysterious past.

Lake of Secrets by Lael Littke  

Contemporary paranormal

Carlene (15) has always felt less important than her younger brother who died as a child mysteriously before she was born. When new evidence surfaces, Carlene and her mother move back to the town where the boy went missing. Although Carlene has never set foot in the town before, she starts to have bizarre memories of it. Can she solve the cold case using what is coming through?

Transcendence by CJ Omololu

Paranormal romance

American teenager, Cole has visions during a trip to the Tower of London. She doesn’t understand what is happening and does her best to cover it up. Along comes boyfriend, Griffon who reveals that they are both Akhet. This unique group of individuals can remember their pasts and work for the collective good. But not all of them are quite so altruistic and soon Cole is in danger due to a secret in her past.


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I’ve been searching for some great and promising titles that could really excite bored teenagers to read.  Of course, I hope my own Into the Land of Snows winds up on a lot of guys’ reading lists. What you’ll find below are mainly new releases for this summer so dig in and get excited because there are some really great books here.

Son of Neptune- Rick Riordan

More ancient myths in a modern world.

172 Hours on the Moon- Johan Hapstad

Three teenagers win a lottery to be the first young people on the moon. Danger and adventure await.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children- Ransom Riggs

Jacob is sent to a Welsh orphanage with strange children. Creepy fantasy with vintage photos.

Railsea- China Mieville

Join the moletrain to hunt the moldywarp in this fantasy adventure.

Drowned Cities- Paolo Bacigalupi 

In a dystopian future, two refugees escape and try to survive in a story of adventure and friendship.

Buried in the Sky- Peter Zuckerman 

The story of two Sherpa climbers who survived the tragic 2008 season on K2 where eleven climbers died.

Vindico- Wesley King 

A group of super villains kidnaps teenagers to train them to be their replacements.

The Haunting of Nathaniel Wolfe- Brian Keaney 

In 1862, Nathaniel watches his father take the stage and contact the dead. Soon Nathaniel is involved in a chilling mystery.

The Ghost of Spirit Bear- Ben Mikaelsen

Cole returns home after a year of exile on a remote Alaskan island. Now he faces the challenges of high school in a tale of urban survival and personal growth.

Venture Untamed- RH Russell-

Follow Venture as he becomes the best fighter in the world in this martial arts’ novel.



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