For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a directory of posts from the blog. Although not all encompassing, hopefully it’ll help anyone looking to read about specific topics. Below is a sampling of categories and articles. Eventually, I’ll make an index page. Also note that WordPress didn’t seem to retain anything prior to 2014, although I started this blog in 2012. If anyone knows why, please share below.

Canyon of the Ancients, Colorado



Chiron & the Healing Journey- M. Reinhart

Reincarnation Astrology

Alan Leo- Father of Modern Astrology

Yesterday’s Sky- S. Forrest

Evolutionary Astrology/reincarnation

An Astrological Look at the Pandemic

Gazing Skyward: History of Astrology

The Fated Sky- B. Bobrick

Interview with Mama Maga: Astrologer

Astrology & the Rising of Kundalini– BH Clow


Poem: A Morning Offering– O’Donohue

Who are you?

Samhaim- What is it? (pagan holiday)

James Randi- (never a true skeptic)

Painted Rocks (community project)

Life in a Time of Covid

Ellis shares her Covid journal

Gratitude Reminders– gratitude practice

The 1st Time Reindeer Flew

history, culture, shamanic, mushrooms

Meditation Fundamentals Spiritual Schools Get Wrong

shared link from Khefer Haru

A Resonate Thanksgiving

Covid Thanksgiving & past suffering

Where to now, St. Peter?


Poem by Fr. Richard Hendrick, OFM

Buddhism & Quantum Physics (video)

Christmas Blog- A Reflection

Spiritual Awakening: Kundalini

Extraordinary Conduits

channeled text material

Of Chicks & Robots

consciousness, mind, intention

Winter Solstice at Stonehenge

What’s a Beguine?

Physics of the Soul- A. Goswami

living, dying, reincarnation



The Fashionable Ghost

ghost sightings, portrayal of ghosts in lit.

A Chill in Amsterdam

History, ghostly tales

The Dark Rises

hauntings in NY State

The Ghost Story in Literature

Ghost Town (St. Elmo)

visiting a CO. ghost town

A Parisian Cemetery/Pere Lachaise

Things That Go Bump in the Night

beware conjuring your own ghost



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