Photo: Michael Martin

Learn a bit about the holiday called Samhain by watching the Mystical Minute on my YouTube channel.

Let me know if you celebrate this holiday by commenting below.


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  1. Reblogged this on Sophia's Children and commented:
    Sharing from Ellis Nelson’s blog: a beautiful photo of this season’s beauty (depending on where in this world, and in the U.S., that you live) and a link she’s included for more intel on the seasonal holiday that some of our ancestors called Samhain (and others called it by another name for remembering the ancestors and celebrating any harvests upon which they depended for the coming months).

    Check it out. Thanks Ellis. 🙂

    Big Love and a Good Samhain (by whatever name you may remember it).


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  2. Love this. Wish I would have thought to honor my ancestors when my kids were little instead of looking forward the mallow cups!


    • This year, I’ll be going to a Day of the Dead celebration where we are invited to bring a photo and favorite dish of a family member who has died as a way of honoring them. I think an altar will be built. This is a new tradition for me, too.

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  3. Love love love that. I wish I would have started the ancestor honor years ago. Thank you for sharing


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