Memories of 2020

No one needs to be reminded that 2020 was a tough year. But along with all the difficulties, there were moments of victory, completion, pleasure, and wonder. Recalling those instances was the purpose of breaking open the gratitude jar. Throughout the year, highlights, big and small, are recorded on colorful papers and placed in a container. Sometime around the calendar new year, my husband and I review those slips of paper. What good things did the year bring? Some examples-

Events BIG: We welcomed a new granddaughter into the world! I finished writing a new book entitled, Tallulah. A major construction project in the house was completed. Bought a new car.      

Events SMALL: Sighted a new bird (Towhee). Learned all our neighbor’s names & grew closer as Covid drew nearer. International phone calls to friends. Built swing set for granddaughter. Babysitting grandbabies. Dinners with son and daughter-in-law. Orchids bloom. Raccoon with babies. Eight-foot snake on a trail walk.   

We are unlikely to forget the big events that shape our lives, but the little things are often overshadowed. The gratitude jar always surprises us reminding us of the small contributions the routine of daily life, with all its struggles, contribute to our experience of life and our contentment in the world. If you’ve never kept a gratitude jar, I encourage you to try this practice for 2021. It’s worth the small investment in time and may change your perspective helping you to refocus as each new year arrives.

Happy 2021!


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  1. Nice idea, to revisit those moments at year’s end.

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  2. reanolanmartin

    I used to do this when our boys were growing up. We had a separate jar where placed appreciative comments about each other which we read aloud at Sunday dinners. Some were just so hilarious: “I love Mom because she always has something up her sleeve.” etc. I cherish those days, and may just pick the practice up again. Thanks for the reminder. My husband already calls me “the great appreciator” haha! xoxo (love your gratitude examples!)


  3. I have heard of the gratitude jar from a few of my kids teachers. What a good idea to keep track of positive moments throughout the year.


  4. Susan Bernhardt

    This is a good idea. Think I’ll do it. Thanks.


  5. I love this idea, and I’m going to start doing it. I’ve seen new birds (a kingfisher, some wigeons) and have had many good moments. I write a journal with a positive line ending it each day, but then I recycle the papers as a letting-go practice. But I can hold onto gratitude. Congratulations on the granddaughter.


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