Spiritual Awakening


Below is a link to this year’s conference on kundalini. Kundalini (the rise of serpent energy) has been linked to spiritual awakening and is seen as a natural progression of human development. It is personal, cosmic, and evolutionary. Anyone “on the path” should have some understanding of this phenomenon. Once, it was believed only those in ashrams and monasteries had these experiences, but now more and more people are reporting spontaneous kundalini occurrences. The speakers provide lots of insights, personal experiences, and resources. Especially interesting (to me) was the talk on current research into measuring subtle energy and developing those devices that may change medical treatments. This should be of interest to anyone practicing energy medicine/healing. Currently 1000 energy healers have undergone a variety of testing of their abilities which (eventually) will lead to certification standards. Dig in! Share your thoughts.




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6 responses to “Spiritual Awakening

  1. Very interesting and illuminating symposium on the spiritual aspects of our humanity and I applaud your efforts to bring a diverse gathering of thinkers and spiritual persons together to share their ideas and research results.

    In spite of the raw footage between speakers, the enrichment resulting from the video was well worth reviewing. Perhaps some small investment of time for editing could make the presentation a bit smoother.

    Thanks so much for making these talks available….John H.


  2. While I think research on efficacy of energy healing is good so that the “layperson” let’s say? can understand what it is? The thought of some external agency REGULATING whether my energy healing work is up to their “standards” makes my blood run cold, mainly because I’ve seen what happened in other settings. It’s an interesting proposition in any case! Thank you for posting this.


    • If insurance is ever going to cover this, the powers-that-be will want verifiable standards (at least in the US). Doesn’t mean everyone will seek certification. I myself would love to have access to the equipment to play with to see what it reveals. How can it be used to guide development/training? Have to suppose one day it will be available


      • This is a very interesting concept…..still. Doing this work, energy healing, is not something I feel can really be or should be commodified like the rest of our “health care”. I guess this is exciting really because it means we’ll find a new and better way!!! Thanks for this post!


    • I am also an energy healer, and I totally agree. What if my healing light comes through at a different wavelength than what they’re measuring. Are they gonna take away my license? Forbid me to practice? And there’s something just wrong about deciding who’s “spiritual” enough to heal and who isn’t. Actually, we are all energy healers.

      But I’m all for more research in this area. The more we know, the more we can help.


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