Back to School Contest


It’s contest time! Leave a comment below and be entered to win a copy of the electronic version of Elephants Never Forgotten. Contest closes at noon (EST) on Friday (Sept. 9th). I’ll do a random drawing and award two books. To enter, post a comment below on what you most like(d) about school. What was/is your favorite class? Who was/is your best friend? Who was/is your favorite teacher (or who do you despise)? Spill! Don’t forget to leave me a way to contact you. Add your email or website where I can find you. If your icon doesn’t lead anywhere, I can’t find you!elephants never forgotten 2  

JURASSIC PARK meets MICRO in this exciting MG adventure!


A hundred years from now, twelve-year-old Nigella receives a shipment from her deceased grandfather. Her inheritance is a herd of micro-elephants. While a lot of her friends have micro-pets, Nigella is at…

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6 responses to “Back to School Contest

  1. I have just finished high school and I think I am going to miss my school years a lot! My friends are so happy that they’re never going to school again, but I loved it ! This final year was my favorite because we studied philosophy, ancient greek, latin and history. I don’t really like studying but it makes me feel good in a way.
    However I don’t feel like I am an adult yet. :p

    Best regards !! /


  2. I grew up in Time, and what I liked best about school was the break, over which an old lady used to come into school with a trolley and sell tranches of white pizza as snacks! We put them in between the iron curves of our classroom radiators to heat up. I also loved the fact that we used to say hello to each other with a kiss on both cheeks every morning and after school before going home! 🙂
    All the best, WordPress.ofglassandbooks


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