PROOF OF HEAVEN by Eben Alexander

 Proof of Heaven

I haven’t read a near death book in a while and when Eben Alexander’s book came out in 2012 and he was making the talk show circuit, I decided to give it a pass. Having read and heard many NDEs over the years, I knew all about the white lights, tunnels, and ability to see your body from above. Long ago I gave up the idea that the brain is the chemical factory of our consciousness and adopted the more cutting edge perspective that our bodies act more like a radio receiving signals. But recently, Proof of Heaven was mentioned in something else I was researching and decided to have a peek at why Alexander’s book had become so popular.

I’m glad I did. Eben Alexander III, MD got sick at home and ended up in the hospital in a coma. From the perspective of a hard- core materialist neurosurgeon, he describes what happened to him when the parts of his brain that would have been required for him to have these experiences was not functioning. The book is written like a thriller cutting back and forth from the medical mystery which had disabled him to the otherworldly journey he undertook. I’d bet he had a great editor too. Honestly, I enjoyed the way this book was written more than what his story adds to the evidence of life after death. Does his book prove life after death? Probably not, but I didn’t need it to.

A reader alerted me to this Esquire article that sheds a different light on the book:


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  1. Thanks for this, Ellis. I’d heard of this book, but it’s been a long while since I’ve read one from this particular genre, having arrived a few years ago at the same place as you. However, perhaps 2016 is time for re-visiting! I like the sound of Eben Alexander’s book.


  2. Great insight on the book Proof Of Heaven. Also thanks for following me on WordPress, feel free to comment on my work any time.


  3. I wrote my take on it when it came out:

    I tried to take a somewhat middle ground. But I did note the “fictional” style of the narrative as you did.


  4. Advanced Research Technology

    As a soul, I’d like to think, and have experimented with a spiritual observer state in which, the soul identity is able to look at the physical identity as a distinct unit apart from it. We can do this simply from the standpoint of first observing our breath and then our thoughts and emotions from a meditative state.
    I like the thought that we are not, as a soul, confined only to a body, but rather that the body is the physical expression of a much freer form of us called the soul.

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  5. ProsperityAndCalamities

    This has been on my “to read” list for a while and your review just made me even more excited for when I finally get to it!


  6. Great way to present the book, I felt like I was going through the process (of finding and reading) myself. I did read it, and had the same feelings about it – thank you for reminding it to me.


  7. reanolanmartin

    It’s always interesting when a medical professional has a mystical experience. For it to penetrate their belief systems, the experience has to be pretty intense, which was the case with Eben Alexander. It’s too easy to dismiss a supernatural intervention, especially as its impact fades. The proof of a genuine mystical experience is often in the fruit it bears. I’m sorry that Dr. Alexander spent so many years dismissing the experiences of others, before his own devastating yet miraculous intervention occurred. But in the end, his experience has borne the fruit of hope for so many readers after him. I actually have a friend in a difficult situation (also a physician) whom I’d like to give this to, so thanks for reminding me about it, Ellis.

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  8. I’ve experienced something similar on an operation table more than a decade ago. I don’t think we need to prove anything. Life is mysterious enough as it is.

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  9. Ellis if you like that I think you will love Roberta, her books and her shows, she is fun informative and makes a compelling case.


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