WANTED: 100 Kind-Hearted Volunteers

elephants never forgotten 2THE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE!

Please help me announce it to the world! Don’t just ‘like’ this posting. Sign up and help me out.

I’m looking for 100 people to help me get the word out about my new book, ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGOTTEN. On October 1 (Thursday) at 6 pm, I have set up a Thunderclap to resonate across the universe. Those who sign up will use their Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts to send a one- time message announcing the release of the book. It’s easy! Sign up on my account page, and Thunderclap does the rest. Can more than 100 people sign up? You bet, but I need at least 100 people or the message doesn’t get sent. Oh- and by the way, the clock’s ticking. There are only 22 days left. Help!





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27 responses to “WANTED: 100 Kind-Hearted Volunteers

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    Ellis needs help. Come on Bloggers, let’s help one of our own out!

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  2. drstephenw


    I signed up! I love elephants, do things for their protection, and have them as a major iconic symbol in my series. So of course I’ll thunder.

    If you’ve got a moment (and haven’t already), please Like my FB series page. I need a few more Likes to be able to sign up for a certain kind of FB marketing.


    Thanks, Steve

    God, it’s ridiculous what we have to do to promote ourselves, huh?

    Stephen Weinstock Author of 1001: The Qaraq, Book One of The Reincarnation Chronicles

    Order on amazon: http://goo.gl/ZoF8MD or http://www.qaraqbooks.com



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    WANTED: 100 Kind-Hearted Volunteers…
    Writing and completing a book is not that easy. I know it. Please help to spread the word about the new book of ellisnelson (https://ellisnelson.com/).

    – Anoop @People and Hearts

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  4. Aura Willow

    Done 🙂


  5. I would love to tweet this out, but am not giving thunderclap the authority to post and gather my personal information. Could I post the info myself on the appointed day?


  6. Tossed in my two cents ^_^ Good luck!

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  7. Silver Threading

    Done. Glad to help. ❤


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