And We Stay (YA) by Jenny Hubbard

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AndwestaySpoiler Alert

With this book we have an interesting case where it won numerous awards, but readers gave it mixed reviews (3.7/5 stars).

The book opens with Emily Beam starting second semester as a junior at Amherst School for Girls. Although there is a lot of speculation about the new girl, Emily does her best to keep her secrets locked safely inside. Almost immediately she turns to writing poetry and begins to feel an affinity with the town’s most famous former resident, Emily Dickinson. Slowly the reader finds out that Emily is dealing with the tragedy of her boyfriend’s suicide, an abortion, and adjusting to a new school with very little support. This is one of the best YAs I’ve read in a long time. It’s believable and written from the heart.

In scanning some of the reviews, I’m forced to think that the book exceeds the maturity of its…

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2 responses to “And We Stay (YA) by Jenny Hubbard

  1. 3.75/5 doesn’t sound bad at all. But I think the strongest books are the ones you either love or hate, not the ones you’re indifferent too 🙂


    • It’s not bad, but there are lots of self-published books who garner fives and compete for market (you might wonder how they get fives). And this title is a multiple award winner so I expected really good ratings. But then, there are lots of books that do well (sales wise) and by well known authors, who are in the threes.


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