TreeHouse Arts Interviews Me


I’ve been doing a lot of author interviews and book reviews lately. This month, TreeHouse Arts turns the table on me with some great questions. If you want to learn more about my experiences and where this blog is heading, check this out.


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8 responses to “TreeHouse Arts Interviews Me

  1. Thank you for sharing your process and evolution. It’s no small thing to put yourself out there authentically and consistently. Brava!


  2. Nice interview with you, Ellis! Interesting! 🙂
    At least we’re doing something. My brother-in-law, who is online a lot, asked me today what a “blog” actually is. He didn’t know. We all (including myself) can evolve and grow in many ways! 😉


    • If I wasn’t in the book world, I probably wouldn’t know anything about blogs- so I’m not surprised many don’t. Technology and everything related is hard to keep up with, in general. Thanks for reading the interview!


  3. Thanks for sharing the interview. I second narble’s comment.


  4. Good interview. Enjoyed the insight.


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