Synchronicity is more than an 80s pop song by The Police. And I’d have to give Sting credit for the lyrics because if you really listen, he was on to something. Sting owes the basic concept of synchronicity to psychologist Carl Jung who coined the phrase.

Synchronicity occurs whenever a meaningful coincidence happens.  To Jung, the events have to occur simultaneously and be meaningful to the individual. So context becomes extremely important. From Jung’s own experience comes the classic example of a patient who had been dreaming of scarab beetles when lo and behold a beetle starts rapping at the window during one of their sessions. Synchronicity! It was a simultaneous event and meaningful to the patient. By definition, Jung’s idea of synchronicity would exclude a lot of phenomena including dreams that sometime in the future, actually come true.

Jung thought synchronistic events were rare and unpredictable. Related to the unseen realm of archetypes, the events were more likely to occur in times of transition. Any upheaval in our personal lives: career changes, illness, death, and especially during spiritual growth are key times for synchronous events. Bridging the inner and outer world of our experience, synchronicities may point us in the right direction. But of course, only if we’re listening. If you’ve bought into the paradigm of the material and excluded all else, you are unlikely to see a synchronous event. It will just be a bizarre coincidence and you are likely to shake your head and go about your day relatively unfazed. But what if we opened up just a little and entertained the idea that there is more out there?

Carl Jung


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19 responses to “SYNCHRONICITY

  1. Exactly what i was looking for, now this just solved my proble


  2. read into this at university quarter of a century ago; forgot about it since but keep being reminded every time I think I thiink


  3. Thanks for liking our blog.Your blog looks very interesting.


  4. Brilliant song by The Police. Very partial to them. Synchronicity can be an odd one, but rather satisfying. I often find I’ve texted friends who have sent me a message at the same time. And it’s nice to have things confirmed by others on blogs, or people you know etc about things and stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Sue @


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  6. It looks like I’m the third person to see your blog because you liked mine. Synchronicity? If that’s what it is, it’s a regular force in the universe. I’ve read several artist coaching type books which suggest you’ll see much more of it if you are open to it: the universe is on your side. {Cameron, The Artist’s Way; Klauser, Write It Down, Make It Happen)


    • I’m not surprised to see the concept tied to creativity. Different mystical systems approach it differently. For me, I look at it like I am having a conversation with the Universe.


  7. Very interesting post, think I want to read a bit more about this.


  8. Good Idea to bring this up! Synchronicities are often a door to start the inner journey. They certainly have been for me and now I observe them all the time, which gives me a great feeling of connectedness with the universe.


  9. I met a Buddhist monk in a synchronistic manner…remarkable and fortunate..and he has become a dear and supportive friend…I sometimes shake my head in wonder that such a “meeting” happened…but just accept that there must have been “something” more contributing to that….and am simply thankful.


  10. Here’s an example of synchronicity–you liked one of my blog posts, I came over to check out your blog, and was so please to see this post about synchronicity–because a friend of mine has a blog devoted to the subject:

    Stephen King’s book 11/22/63 has a lot in it about synchronicity. If you haven’t already read it, check it out.


  11. I am here reading your blog because you stopped by mine. Thank you. I have a lot of magic in my life. Synchronicity. The more you see it, the more you see it.


  12. Synchronicity brought me to this post! I just bought Jung’s book on it yesterday.

    Blink is also a fantastic read.


  13. I love synchronicity and observe it often in my life. Just yesterday after posting the article on ho’oponopono my sister in law says she is moving to Maui and says I can come too. That is merely one of many.


  14. I’ve had similar experiences and decided that I don’t have to understand or explain why it happens. Life is much easier this way.


  15. I have read Blink. It totally does away with the belief that we are rational creatures first and foremost. I think our intuition is always available to us but we need to be open to it. I’ve had some very powerful synchronicities happen that the rational mind can’t explain or explain away.


  16. During times of crisis I believe our logical brain allows our intuitive one to take control. I’m not a psychologist or a philosopher, but having experienced the unexplainable I know there’s more in our world than we see, hear etc. Have you read Blink? I attend to my intuition a lot more after reading that book.


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