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1. Support small presses and indie writers by  selecting  and reading their books. Often small presses cater to a niche or special interest (many times in subjects which larger houses won’t touch because of small marketing numbers).

2. Suggest books you like to your friends and family. Readers create buzz for books. Blog about a book you loved.

3. Write a short review on Amazon or Goodreads. A few kind words can make all the difference.

4. Request your local library purchase a copy of a book you’ve enjoyed. Many libraries allow patrons to make requests online.

25 responses to “HELP AN AUTHOR

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  2. Marie Cheine


  3. I love the artwork on your blog. I also love your “Help An Author” page. I’ve never seen that before. If you have no objection, I’d like to add a similar page to my blog, I’m a new author too. We need stick together and help each other. Goodluck with your writing xx

  4. great stuff, and useful. wish i could visit more, been so busy. please take care -J

  5. Hi Ellis. Help An Author is a wonderful initiative aiding budding authors. Looking forward to reading your novel.

  6. Thank you! I also put it on FB & tweeted it. I think Amazon requires you set up an account to post reviews. Other people have had the same problem.

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  12. These are great ideas! Thank you for your attention to writers. You hit on the most successful websites to help authors. Another would be Instagram, it is so popular with all ages. Post a picture of someone’s book and comments. That’s okay isn’t it?

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  14. I think there’s a lot of focus on how easy it is to publish. Not enough attention given to how rare it is to suceed financially with ANY published work.

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  20. Downloaded this AM. Won’t get to it for a bit though.

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