Fiction Writer:

Ellis Nelson has served as an Air Force officer, government contractor, and teacher.  She has had an interest in Buddhism since childhood.  Currently, she lives in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband.  Email contact: himalayaspencerellis(at)yahoo.com.  You may also friend Ellis Nelson on FACEBOOK or follow on TWITTER.

Her first book was published in Feb. 2012. 

Mystical life is the centre of all that I do and all that I think and all that I write.  WB Yeats

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  1. Hello Ellis, thank you for your like of my post on Cusanus. Best wishes, Phil Stanfield

  2. I like your blog lay-out.

  3. Hi Ellis,
    Thanks for visiting Rainbow Hill Meanders. You have a Cool Bio and interesting background.. I look forward to reading more of your blog

  4. Hi Ellis,

    I’m doing a piece of research on blogging & whether it’s devaluing the written word. I was wondering l if you’d be interested in doing my survey on it? Many thanks in advance. Here’s the link:


    Happy blogging,


  5. Thanks for liking my post on Soul Communion. You’ve an interesting collection of posts here. Lovely to connect!

  6. I am really happy to have landed on your blog… I will certainly learn from your blog!!!

  7. Thanks for liking my post strange co-incidences.That is really encouraging,I hope to improve my writing after this.

  8. Thanks for visiting our page, come back soon :-)

  9. Thank you for letting me know you liked my post “Where Is My Energy Directed”.

  10. Thank you so much for liking my post, much appreciated- very new to this, so it’s lovely to receive some support :-)

  11. thanks for liking my post about the challenges of being a professional writer. sounds like you know a bit about them but are facing it with a positive blog and some professional success. good luck for the future.

  12. Thank you for liking my post. It sounds like you’ve done some very important and challenging things in our life: Air Force officer, teacher, writer. My hat is off to you!

  13. Thanks for the support of my blog via the like. Writing doesn’t come naturally to me so it is much appreciated!

  14. Hello, thank you for visiting and the like. Enjoy the day!

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  16. Namaste Ellis, thank you for being one of the first to take a look at my blog, in progress. We seem to be kindred souls. Really like that Yeats quote you have on your about page-ain’t it the truth. I may borrow it. ;-)
    Love and Light!~shanti

  17. Thanks for showing up! :)

    (Seems there are more writers here than I thought.)

  18. Thanks for the like. Best wishes.

  19. blondeink

    Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your books look great :)

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  21. Thank you most kindly for liking my post http://sldargento.wordpress.com/2014/03/04/interview-with-cinder-ventris/ I just added a photo of the lake house I was describing in the post.

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